VST Performance window (Design)

I was wondering if it is possible to make the VST performance window a little less high or adjustable?
That way, we can put the vst performance window next to the transport pannel.
I also think there’s no need for the close buttom.
I’ll guess that who’s monitoring it (like me) is using it continu and the others just don’t use it at all?

Something like the the transport pannel would be nice!
Maybe it is possible to make it a part of the transport pannel so we can show/hide it via context menu.


You can turn it on in the Project window where it appears (much smaller) at the top in the toolbar :wink:

I like the idea of connecting it to transport or making it smaller.

My eyes tend to want the meter down there, even though I do have it up top as well. Metering seems to feel better on bottom windows while settings feel better on top… in general.

The performance window stays on my desktop as long Cubase is active.
All other Cubase windows are hiding when i’m in the finder or busy in other apps.

kind regards,

How about turning it on in the transport panel then :wink: