VST Performer crashes

Hi All,

Suddenly my Vst Performer crashes. Won’t even load macOS 10.14.5 (Not even a full restart helps)
Also Running AXR4 interface.

Any thoughts as to a solution?

Thank you


Tried a fresh download and install- Doesnt help…crash bang!!

try removing/renaming preferences

think these live in “documents/vstconnectperformer” or somewhere - shouldn’t be hard to find

I’m having a similar problem. VST performer opens with the initial message saying “use headphones…” and the “you are about to share your IP address” but the Performer window never loads and it must have crashed. After reinstalling, rebooting, changing interfaces it crashes.
I can be the host when I run Nuendo and start a VST connect session with someone but I’m trying to be on the performer side.
Any other solutions?

mac/pc - which version - who knows ? :slight_smile:
did you try deleting preferences as I mentioned above ?


When the it has crashed, you’ll get a “crash-log” which the operating system wants to send to Apple. I need it. Can you please save the file? Or copy/paste and send the content to me, please? m.spork (at) steinberg.de

Thank you,

Yes I did delete the preferences as you mentioned and the Steinberg support even stopped replying to me and gave up.
I’m on a Windows 10pro, i7-7700k (4.75ghz), 500gb m.2 ssd, 64gb ram, gtx 1080 video card, and dual monitor screens.
I’m at a loss here.