VST Performer issue - can record on Performer track but only once

Hello :slight_smile:

In Cubase 11 Pro I am using VST Performer SE to record my daughter’s vocals. I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark and she is based in Boston, USA.

  1. I create a VST Performer track and connect her Focusrite interface as the input to the track. I can hear her talk and she can hear me talk through my assigned talkback channel.
  2. I start record and her vocal is recorded on the Performer track. All is good so far …
  3. BUT … when I press record again, the newly recorded audio event is empty. i.e. nothing is recorded on the track. I simply repeat the Start Recording operation but it only works once.
  4. I can create a new Performer track and the behaviour is the same, i.e. I can record once on the track but not more.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


This is new.
a) Do you start at 1.1.0? This may sometimes cause a problem, try to start later in the timeline.
b) if you just hit record again, the new event is recorded on top of the old one. Try to move it away, maybe there’s something underneath?
c) make sure to use the latest versions. If you can’t resolve this, we need to know your systems (both yours and Performer), check help for version info.
d) maybe this helps:
Good luck.