VST performer will not load up

I have downloaded the performer app after upgrading to VST connect Pro 5 but it will not open.
I get to initialising VST3 database and it freezes. I then get an error message “Could not connect POS”
any advice appreciated Please.
Thank you

Assuming you are on WIndows (?), locate
C:\Users(yourname)\AppData\Roaming\SteinbergVST Connect Performer.ini
and delete that. Does that help?
It may be related to a plugin crashing, so when re-applying plugin pathes and it does that again, try to narrow the culprit.

This is actually to do with the licensers on my pc. I uninstalled both because they both do not work and performer boots up fine.
I have tried and tried to get somekind of aid from Steinberg an they are telling me I need to buy a new dongle.
I have only had this about 18 months so not really happy about that.

… what have you uninstalled to get the Performer running? the eLicenser? Or the plugin which needs the eLicenser?

Thank you,

The activation manager which will not log into steinberg as it states the steinberg license engine is not responding

… and can you run the Performer now? Sorry, if I don’t get it directly.