VST Phase cancelation

I am very new to Cubase, only a few hours in on 7.5 64bit on Windows 8. I am having trouble with my VST instruments. There seems to be some sort of phase cancellation going on. It is as I had local midi on a synth playing and was also monitoring through if you know what I mean. While recording, everything sounds fine, on playback though the sounds are hollow as if there is something out of phase playing back of my recording. I am not recording the audio, only the midi. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I wonder if you are recording doubles of all the notes and they are very slightly offset? Check the MIDI editor and see if there are doubles of your notes. If so, your controller is sending on two MIDI ports.

I am very new to Cubase, only a few hours in on 7.5 64bit on Windows 8.

Jasian’s guess is a good one. You have two MIDI editors at your disposal. The regular Key Editor (piano roll) and a List Editor. You may have trouble distinguishing double notes in the Key Editor. Call up the List Editor (it’s under the main MIDI menu) to confirm if you’ve somehow double note recorded. You can see everything that has been recorded in the List Editor. If this turns out to be the case, you can Select ALL and invoke “Delete Doubles” under Functions…also under the main MIDI menu. It will be greyed out unless you select all (or at least one) of the notes you recorded.

That should fix the recording…but it doesn’t solve the problem of how you got there in the first place. Not knowing anything about what you used to record MIDI is the next step.

Thanks guys, you were all right, double notes. I had my controllers setup twice, once in Direct Music, the other in Windows. I need to learn the purpose of both, but I did remove the duplicate devices and all is good. Thanks.

Is a topic all its own. (and there are 1 or 2 threads on this topic)
With C7 and C7.5.10 this works as often as not.

Events have to ‘REALLY’ be doubles.
Any differences at all and nada.

As a MIDI guitarist my controller puts out tons of doubles
in an effort to ease ‘tracking’.

Theses ‘extra’ events then have to be striped from the track and
in the past the delete doubles function has been a wonderful tool.

But since C7—>C7.5.10 this function has gotten kinda wonky.
I find myself deleting doubles manually. [bummer]

BTW as far as your prob, sounds like you may have a ‘MIDI loop’ going.

Good Luck!

Opps; you solved it.
Ma bad.
Never mind! —Gilda Radner