VST Picture Capture & Function Menus removed for Spectrasonics VST3 (Trilian+Stylus RMX) Plugins

DAW Version: Cubase Pro 11
O/S: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel i7/64GB RAM
Spectrasonics Trilian VST3(latest version)
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX VST3 (latest version)


  1. Attempt to Insert Spectrasonics Trilian (or Stylus RMX VST) as a VST Instrument

  2. The “Add VST Plug-in Picture to Media Rack” icon nor the Function drop down menu appear at the top black banner area of the Plugin GUI. This is the black strip, where these Cubase icons would normally show up in the top right. As a result, the plugin picture cannot be added.

  3. However, right clicking in the black toolbar space at the top of the GUI does bring up the Function drop down menu, but still no icon shows up to add the VST Plug-in picture.

  4. On a hunch, I then attempted to add the VST2.4 versions of both of these VST’s to the rack. In this case, both the “Add VST Plug-in Picture to Media Rack” and the function menu pulldown option shows up. So this appears to be a problem with the VST3 versions of the Spectrasonics plugins (Trilian and Stylux RMX). I don’t have any other Spectrasonics VSTs currently, so I cannot verify any further.

@Cubase Forum admin: I inadvertently logged this topic twice. I am new to the forum. I initially replied to a bug someone was mentioning on the forum from earlier. I replied and asked if a bug report was filed. I googled and saw instructions in this forum for how to properly submit an issue. I did so, only to find out that both the bug report and the original post from a previous user are both listed in the same forum, hence the duplicate references.
I apologize. Was not intended. Assumed the bug report area was a separate page.