VST Pluggins for Vocals in live situations

hello, I am going to perform a set where a vocalist will be singing in to a USB microphone and the voice will go into Cubase before going out through an audio interface to the PA. This system allows me to mix the voice with Cubase other tracks. Can anyone indicate the basic dynamics VST plugins (limiter? compression ?..) and Eq setting to insert in the vocal track to have a correct vocal stand out ? Thx !

What you say could be a problem as to do this you are using two audio interfaces. The usb mic is one as is the output interface. If this is a pc you may have to use asio4all to be able to do this as Cubase does not support using different interfaces for in and out. Asio4all may not be good enough and you may get high latency meaning the effects output is Kate in time compared to the input.

Have you tested this works using an effect?

Hello Mkok :

Good points : the set up is not an issue : I use Cubase 10.5 under OSX Catalina. The audio set up is an “aggregated device” where the USB microphone is the audio input in Cubase and a Roland MX1 is the audio output.

Cubase plays some audio tracks that go into the MX1 and the USB Microphone goes into an audio track in Cunase in Monitor mode, and then goes into a output for the MX1 in. So I can open the preferences in the Vocal Audio tracks and insert VST plugins and change Eq. Hence my questions on the chain of plugins and Eq :wink:

Please, don’t do that… don’t ever use USB microphones with a DAW in a live situation other than on your couch at home…
That will hurt the audience.
The latency will be too high to perform well…

I hope that there will be a sound engineer with experience to help you with the mixing desk.
Feed your Cubase mix into the desk and use the desk to mix live.

That will not help at all, serious, don’t do that…

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I think I agree with the above but the best option is to try it and see what you think. The effect used for live will depend on what you are trying to achieve. When I was playing live the vocalist would use different presets on the then hardware effects unit for different songs. See what sounds best