VST Plugin Manager collections

Hi, just installed 10. Working fine so far…I’ve got my project templates sorted, but does anyone know how I’d import my VST collections from 9.5’s plugin manager?
I had all my plugs organised into folders (uad, waves etc).
Thanks, Steve

Mine copied across fine when I first loaded Cubase 10. Which was nice.

They are normally found (for 9.5 since I generally copy my writing partners plugin setting into my file, so I only use plugins he has)
\Users{your login name}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64
and you want PluginManager.xml

Backup the one in 10 first, just in case
AppData is a hidden directory normally, so you might need to enable hidden directory in the file explorer.

You can use profiles! Just used it this for C10.
Profiles include the following:

Toolbar settings for all windows
Global workspaces
Track control settings
Track control presets
Presets for input and output busses
Plug-in collections
Quantize presets
Crossfade presets
Key commands


Thank you! This was a huge help.

For some reason, my cubase updates never automatically copy the templates etc over.
Enjoy playing with 10!

Having the same trouble with plug-in manager folders, I managed to find them, but how to I transfer them, wouldn’t let me copy and paste/delete… is it to do with the “enable hidden directory” thing? And if so, how do I do that? Sorry, banging my head, here…

Done now, files were hard to find, but thank you.

I am struggling with this VST location issue on a Mac, where do you put all your plugins ?

I find it odd that Cubase won’t use the collection info from the previously installed version. I just upgraded from 10 to 10.5, and 10.5 is having to go through all my plugins again on initial startup, like it is not going to use my collection. I even saved a ‘profile’, but 10.5 doesn’t seem to be using that.

Same here. Wonder if the PluginManager.xml file is even supported in Cubase 10.5.5

I was able to copy my Cubase 10 PluginManager.xml to the corresponding Cubase 10.5 folder. It didn’t get everything perfectly, but it was close.

Still, this is not something we should have to deal with.

I did a fresh install of Cubase and placed the PluginManager.xml file in the correct directory and it didn’t pick up the file on load. After fumbling a bit, I got it to work by removing my file and allowing Cubase to create the default PluginManager.xml file in the directory.

I then had to do a copy of my file to the directory where I was prompted for an overwrite. After that, it finally picked the file up. Agreed, shouldn’t be that complicated though.