VST Plugin Manager - How does this thing work?

I, like all of us, have a crap ton of plugins. The default folders they’re sorted in within the plugin manager make things difficult to find, so I’ve created a collection that makes things a lot easier. Very nice that Cubase lets us organize our plugins like this. Super great.


I just went through a session of installing a BUNCH of new plugins. They show up in the “default” collection, but not in the one I sorted myself. Am I really supposed to go hunting for and add every single one individually to my custom collection or be faced with redoing the whole thing? They don’t automatically get added to custom collections? I have no idea what they’re all called.

Is there no other option?

If you want all plugins, then why donˋt you use the default collection? Wouldnˋt putting all plugins into the custom collection automatically defeat the purpose of the collection being custom…?

unfortunately I don’t have the money to get “a crap ton of plugins” so I guess it’s not such a big problem for me. I just leave all vst3 plugins as default while I sort all vst2 plugins manually in my file explorer and learn where they are. Or I use my preferred method which is to type in 2-3 letters of the plugin name in the search field and I find it soon enough.