VST Plugin Manager Path

This has been mentioned here many times before, So apologies for repeating…
I’m running Cubase 11, And Steinberg Absolute 3 on a Mac Mini M1 16gb system.
The VST’s I’m using are listed under Applications, And can be launched separately from Cubase, Working fine. However…
Trying to point the VST Plugin Manager to the correct path, So that they appear under VST Instruments in Studio, So far has been difficult.
How do you go about this correctly?
I know It’s not rocket science, But I’m not seeing where I’m going wrong.

Hello Stuart, and welcome.

Here is a link that might help

VST3 Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3
Rarely used: Users/your username/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3

Thank you!

No joy. They are listed in the plugin manager, But not appearing on VST Instruments list in studio.

You haven’t got the plugin list set to a custom collection or anything have you? The default collection will automatically update, but if you’re running a custom list it won’t.

You just made my day so much easier! Cheers skijumptoes! I did set it to custom, But deleted. Now all VST’s are listed in VST Instruments.!

Much appreciated!