VST plugin not blacklisted but no GUI


I am currently using Cubase 10.5.12 on an iMac (late 2015) with Mojave OS (10.14.6). I have a legit version of the vst Alchemy. It was developed a number of years ago, but ran fine on Cubase 10.5 before the latest update. It has not been blacklisted by the plug in manager, but when I open it, I get a black, blank GUI.

Does anyone know if there is a workaround in Cubase for this? Or would I have to use a third party app such as JBridgeM to make it work again? (Screen shots below.)

Thanks in advance.


Black-GUI plug-ins are not black-listed. :wink: The plug-in test takes care mostly of the audio part, not the GUI.

If I remember right, I have read about this issue with this old plug-in already. For now, there is no workaround in Cubase 10.5.12.

Thanks Martin. I didn’t think there was a workaround for this. The 10.5.12 ‘hotfix’ seems to have introduced some major changes to how the software works. Kind of regret upgrading from 10 now :confused:


Alchemy UI being black is not due to the hotfix, though, was the same in previous 10.5 builds.

It’s caused by a known OpenGL issue with hosts built on the Mojave SDK (like C10.5) and plugins built on a previous SDK (e.g. Sierra).
There are a few topics on the JUCE forum about this, if you are interested.

Thanks Fabio! I’ll check it out.

This is happening to a plugin that I use frequently that’s been discontinued… is there any fix for it? I’ve not used Cubase 10.5 since buying it for this reason

I’ve been waiting to hear back from Steinberg support since 20th April about this! In the meantime, as I said in the first post of this thread, have a look at third party apps such as JBridgeM. They will enable you to use plugins that are no longer compatible with Cubase 10.5 or have been blacklisted.

Update: I only just got a reply to this from Steinberg yesterday! And they just told me to update to the latest version of Cubase 10.5, which didn’t help at all! I don’t know why they bother offering technical support in the first place!!

Here’s the bottom line: your old stuff won’t work forever. If you’re savvy with computers, and I find few Mac users who are, then you’re either going to have to research it yourself or live with (or without) it. I know you’ve been spoiled by the internet, where someone else always does the heavy lifting for you. But guess what? Those of us who’ve been doing the heavy lifting are usually older, and we ain’t gonna be there to hold your hand forever.

Yes. I am a Mean Old Man. It’s right there in my sig.

Yep, thanks for your condescension and the implication that I am a non savvy Mac user. My wrist feels dutifully slapped. If you read from the beginning of my thread, you will note that I already have a possible solution using a third party app such as jBridgeM, and I just wanted to get opinions/advice from more experienced forum members. Generally I found this forum to be extremely helpful and friendly.

I am well aware that nothing lasts forever and sitting pretty expecting other people to solve my problems is not why I made this thread in the first place. If you have nothing constructive to say, why add to the discussion?

Your reading comprehension is poor. I was not condescending at all. Note the use of the word “if”. You chose to ignore that. I use jBridge, as well, and some plugins simply don’t translate. I was also not aware that it was available for Mac. Not my problem, or yours really. And I did have something constructive to say, you used your “angry filter” to insert meanings that were not my intention to ignore them, just like you ignored the “if”. And the simple fact is that many people do no research of their own to solve issues. I admit that I myself often look to see if anyone else has had a problem before I do the hard work myself. So, again, you are inserting meanings that I did not intend through your own mind. I stated facts, which you interpreted as condescension. There’s a psychological reason for that, and it isn’t my doing.