VST Plugin Test Host not playing audio

I’m trying to run the VST Plugin Test Host WITHOUT using a plugin first, just to test to see if I can get audio. It doesn’t play any sound, no matter what I do.

I’m testing a sine wave, as well as loading a WAV file. Neither one produces any output. I know my computer plays sound because I have WinAMP which can play the WAV file with no issues.

FYI, I’m using Windows 11.

The audio engine is only active if you have added at least one plug-in.

I’ve also tried building the sample plugin that the VST 3 project generator made, and it doesn’t produce any audio either. Same deal - tried a sine wave as well as a WAV file. Nada.

Is the sample plugin that the VST 3 project generator makes, functional or not?

The project generator produces an “empty” plug-in that does not process audio and thus does not forward its audio input data to its audio output data and thus you will not hear anything in the test host. Just build the example plug-ins in the SDK and insert the AGain plug-in.