VST Plugin-windows aren´t floating?

Is there a way to keep an open VST plugin floating on top of the Play-view? Once I click outside the plugin GUI, it disappears the the background and I must close/open it to bring it back in front…

Not to object to your request, but (in the meantime) in Windows at least there should be a “cog wheel” icon at the bottom of the screen that lets you call the VST window back tot he front.

Thanks, Derrek, but can´t find that here (on Mac).

Yes, I just tried this on my Mac in SE and see what you mean. Ouch!

You can ‘get’ them again using Mission Control. Either Press F4, or swipe up with a Trackpad, and you’ll see “VST Audio Engine” as an application, with your VSTs as window instances. You can switch through one VST to the next with the standard Mac window switching key: Command `