VST plugins in Connect Performer / VST Connect SE

Using Cubase 11 Pro and VST Connect Performer 5.5.
I have this issue when using VST Connect Performer. I want to load VST Plugins in Performer to use VST Amp Rack for a cue/monitor mix on my guitar. But nomatter where/what i scan for on my HD ( tried all kind of paths ) it cant find that VST Plugin. Is VST Amp Rack not compatible with VST Performer? There’s a lot of VST effects in Cubase which is not found in Performer. Does anyone know of a list with compatible plugins? Screenshots added to show my Performer and a list of my paths from Cubase plugins →

From Plugin report Cubase:


If it is not possible to load VST Amp Rack in Performer it will be hard for me to get a cue-sound for my guitar. So next question would be…is it possible to set up an cue mix with effects ( VST Amp Rack ) on the recieving studio side in Cubase 11?

We have tried all kinds of stuff to get it to work - but apparently our knowlegde is limited :slight_smile: And is seems like there is not much info online about this topic.

Hope that someone can help :roll_eyes:

Kenneth Bo

Hi Kenneth Bo,

I’ve moved your entry to the VST Connect section. To return to your question: The “VST Amp Rack” plug comes with the “Cubase Plug-In Set.vst3”. And the Plug-In Set works only with Cubase.

See you,

Hi Michael

Thanks for replying…and moving this to the right place :grinning:
It so nice that you cleared it out about VST Amp Rack - even though its to bad that i have to find other plugins to do the job.

And still…i hope that someone can help with my question about setting up a cue-mix with effects on the studio-side and monitor this to the active Performer - this would solve the problem to.

Thanks :+1:

Kenneth Bo

Performer cannot hear his or her own stream through the Studio because of the delay.
This is why Performer has his own reverb, compressor, and eq. Those cannot be heard or recorded on the Studio side.
However you can insert effects in performer channels, and Studio can choose to record (‘print’) them. or not (FX button in RECORD section).
You can not for instance apply a reverb in the Studio and have Performer hear that while recording, only when reviewing, Performer can be sent reverb etc via the Cue Mix. Otherwise Performer would experience a long echo.
Inserts in the Performer channels can be heard and recorded though, for instance some amp simulator.

Hi Musicullum,

Thanks for replying and clarifying the issues with effects and cue to the performer.
I guess the best (and only) solution is to use effects via inserts in the performer.

Think I’m going with Amplitube or something like that -now that VST Amp Rack can’t be used.

Your answer saves me a lot of time trying.

Thank you :+1: :grinning:

Kenneth Bo