VST Plugins & Instrument installation


What would you advice ?
1/ Having one Hard disk with the OS install onto and another hard disk to install VST plugins and VST instrument
2/ Having the OS and th VST plugs and instrument on the same hard disk doesn’t matter ?

Thanks for you help

Having them on the same disk is fine, it doesn’t matter. However, having the OS one one disk and the audio recording being done an another disk is a good idea. Today’s hard drives are pretty darn capable so it’s not critical by any means, but recording to another disk outside of the one that houses the operating system is just a preferable thing to do since the operating system has a swap file. Of course, you can always offload the swap file to a different drive and record to the OS drive.

I personally have my setup like this:

OS drive contains the OS, program installs, and VST instruments, etc.

Second drive contains all my songs in a “Songs” folder. Each song has it’s own audio folder to which the tracks get recorded to. Second drive also contains all my samples in a “Samples” folder. Since the samples load into memory when the project is opened and I don’t use “stream from disk” this works ideally for me. If I instead were using a heavy sample laden VSTi that I wanted to use “stream from disk” then I would not put that software on the same disk I record my audio to.


Thank for you feedback.
I’m already in the same configuration as you excepted for the sample used by different VST instrument that are on the OS hard disk.

Think of it this way, plugins (streaming VSTi’s exempted) load and run from memory (RAM) so will not benefit from installation on a non OS drive.