VST Plugins Randomly Switching to Bypass

Has anyone else experienced the problem of certain plugins randomly (seemingly random anyway) switching into bypass?

This happens to me on things like RX9 Monitor, RX9 Voice De-noise, FabFilter Pro C2, Nuendo Brickwall, Nuendo standard Compressor, Nuendo Multiband Compressor, Waves WLM Plus to name some of the regulars.

It happens often and when it does it’s always a whole bunch of plugins that switch out at the same time. I’m sure I’m doing something to trigger it, just not sure what.

Deactivate “Constrain Delay Compensation”?

I’m experiencing the exact same thing.

It is like that but that’s not it. Constrain Delay Compensation has not been activated by me for this to happen. Maybe it activates itself under certain conditions? It is not highlighted though when it happens.

Anyone else seeing this. It’s happening constantly and it’s a major issue. I’ll send it to my local Steinberg rep.

It’s a little disturbing that both you and MattiasNYC are experiencing this. I have not seen this happening here (yet).
I’ll be interested to hear what Steinberg support has to say.

I’ll try to troubleshoot it soon-ish. For now all I can say is that I sent out a mix with a full set of plugins disabled. Came back from QC.

I’m thinking there has to be something some users do that isn’t intuitive and ‘breaks’ something.

Yep. I mastered a project last night and at some point during the session my master buss limiters switched out. It is now nearly impossible to reliably work on Nuendo for me. It’s difficult to keep track of dozens upon dozens of plugins knowing that any one of them could disappear at any given moment during a mastering session.

I’ve seen that before.
Caused by the RX plugins.
Take them out, and the problem goes away.


Thanks. I’ll check it out. If only they weren’t useful.

I don’t recall having any RX plugins on the offending tracks. Did you see this happen with tracks that did or did not have RX plugins instantiated?

Only current iZotope plugins I currently use are Exponential Audio reverbs as Insight. I may have a disabled DeNoiser on a group, but never on audio tracks.


Only with tracks that have RX plugins as insert.
It has been a while though, this is a short version of the internal bugreport:


  • Create new project
  • Add mono track
  • Insert RX 6 Mouth Declick (example)
  • Bypass the Plug-In
  • Save project
  • Revert

=> Plug-in is no longer bypassed.
The worrying thing is that a third Party plugin can “control/break” the status of the host and other plugins.

Comments from the developers:
> Izotope Plug-ins seem to never store/restore their bypass state properly. This is true for RX5 and RX6 both in N7 and N8.
> And according to [Internal bugreport), this is an isue with other Izotope effects as well, reported back in 2012.

It was offcially marked as a bug that needs to be fixed by Izotope.
Izotope was informed about it.

Dunno what happened or didn’t happen, but I never used RX plugins since then.
In Post, we simply can’t take that kind of risk.


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What if you automate bypass for plugins? Does it still happen?

It didn’t just happen on RX plugged tracks for me. It would affect many other plugs on tracks that were RX free . I have now removed RX plugs from my session and seeing what happens.

I did automate bypass out and it still happened.

Yes I remember that one.

Just as KMT333 my problem was with non-RX plugins.

Just now happened with Acon Digital’s “Dynamics” plugin. It set its “bypass” to “on” across all inserts that I had it on except for one. This includes tracks that I for sure never wrote new automation on in this new project.

Only thing I can think of right now is if somehow there’s a way of breaking automation by moving clips “by step” across tracks and that somehow doing something to lanes. Still doesn’t really explain why all tracks up and down the list would get affected.

And come to think of it I feel like I’ve seen inconsistencies (or counter-intuitive behavior) regarding sends as well. Meaning for some reason all of a sudden send is set to ‘unity’ for some tracks and locations I never wrote that automation on.

This happened to me last week and I thought I was going crazy, glad to see it wasn’t just me.