VST Plugins visibility

Is there a way to make the VST plugins editors to be visible even when you click outside Cubase?


Not with the current half-way manner they have implemented MS Windows across Cubase. Very annoying when trying to read a PDF manual for a plug-in.


Yes, there’s a little down arrow in the upper-right corner of the plugin window. Click it and then uncheck the “always on top” option.

Now when you click away from Cubase, the plugin will remain visible.

EDIT: This is the arrow thingy I’m talking about:

Nope. Not in Windows 10. Click away to adobe reader and even with Always on Top check the plugin will disappear until you reclick on Cubase.

“Always on top” only keeps other Cubase windows from obscuring it.

You’ll notice that if a window shows as an item on the Windows’ Taskbar (e.g. MixConsole, Key Editor) that window will remain visible when the focus is shifted to another program. But if a window does not create an item on the Taskbar (e.g. VSTs, Score Settings) then that window will vanish when the focus shifts to another program.

I’ve resorted to using Windows’ Snipping Tool to capture an image of a VST while open - but it takes some fitzing as selecting the Snipping makes the window disappear, but re-selecting Cubase and then the Tool will often leave the window visable.

Is this new with Windows 10? I’m still on Win 7, but I do this all the time when putting together tutorials.

You would think that, but like I said, I do this all the time. Like if I’m writing about how to do something in a plugin, I disable Always On Top, and then I can click back in my browser window and still see the plugin so I can write about it. But also, I am on Win 7… could this behavior have change with newer OSes?

EDIT: Made a little video demonstration.

I misread your post and got it totally backwards thinking you were suggesting enabling always on top. :blush: Yeah you’re correct disabling it does keep the window visible when shifting focus to another program. But then of course the window can get hidden behind another Cubase window - seems like it would be nice to have both. I did notice that when always on top is disabled it creates an item for it on the Taskbar.

Oh! Thank you thankyou thankyou for this post! I was about ready to spit rocks! :slight_smile:

It does seem non-intuitive though doesn’t it? You “uncheck” Always on top? so that it will always remain on top (of Cubase)?