Vst plugins


I’m just started using Cubase 10 Artist. I got few questions regarding vst plugins. I bought this guitar simulator called Odin II. I import my guitar pro 7 midi track to Cubase and load Odin II plugin. Everything good so far but then how Can I add my guitar amp sim to this same midi track.

Another question. I clicked X and hid plugin controls on the very same track… So how I Can get back. I cant find any command or button for it.

Sorry for these maybe little bit stupid questions…

A MIDI Track only has MIDI data on it (i.e. when does a note go on & off, what is the pitch, etc.) but it does not have any audio on it. Your amp sim is a VST Audio plug-in - it only works on audio. You cannot apply audio processing to the MIDI data on your MIDI Track.

What you need to do is have your MIDI data drive a VSTi (A VST Instrument plug-in like a sampler, synth, etc.) which will then produce audio from your MIDI data. This is the audio which you’d process with your amp sim.

In Cubase there are 2 main ways to set this up. The older method is to create a MIDI Track, load a VSTi as a Rack Instrument (which will appear as a Channel in the MixConsole) and then set your MIDI Track to route its data to this Rack Instrument. Yes this can get complicated and you need to keep track of both a MIDI Track and a VSTi’s audio channel in the MixConsole. :frowning: For many years this was the only way to do it.

But then Cubase added a second much simpler method, the Instrument Track which combines the MIDI and Audio aspects all into a single Track. While MIDI tracks can be useful, for someone new to Cubase I’d recommend using Instrument Tracks for most (maybe all) things.

When you imported your MIDI by default it created a MIDI Track in Cubase. If you create an Instrument Track you can just drag the MIDI Part from the MIDI Track to the Instrument Track.

In any case your amp sim plug-in should be placed in an Audio Insert in the MixConsole. If you are using an Instrument Track it will be an Insert on that Instrument Track. If you are using a MIDI Track the Insert will be on the VSTi’s Audio Output Channel in the MixConsole.

I’d suggest you review all the different available Track types in the OPs Manual since it is really important to understand the differences if you want to use Cubase and not get frustrated.

Key: MIDI and Audio are two entirely separate and different things. We can make them interact with and even control each other, but they are still different things.

Another way to think about this is, the amp sim (Odin II) operates on audio only, whereas you will have exported your track as MIDI. Guitar Pro 7 can also export individual tracks as audio. These could then be imported directly into Cubase where you can add all effects, including the amp sim, to these audio tracks.

GP7 has some pretty good internal guitar sounds to start with. In GP7, go to File -> Export -> Audio and in the Export Audio dialog box, set “File type” to WAV and if your GP7 project has more than one track, set “Create a file for each track” to “On”. This will generate CD-compatible audio files that can be imported into Cubase for further production.

For best results, I’d suggest turning off all effects in GP7 and choosing a clean electric sound to get as close to what the amp sim expects (i.e. a guitar input. After importing the audio track into Cubase, your amp sim then goes in an insert on the audio track or in the mix console as Raino describes.

You can export both MIDI and audio from GP7 – start the Cubase project using the MIDI import, which will set the tempo correctly. You can temporarily mute the MIDI track in Cubase, then import the GP7 audio and it will already be tempo-synchonised.

You can transfer all MIDI and audio tracks from GP7, but for bass and drums MIDI will be more flexible. I’d transfer all tracks as both MIDI and audio for maximum flexibility.

… I just checked out Odin II, it appears to be a VSTi (“VST Instrument”) and not an amp sim? In that case just load it as a VSTi in Cubase and set the output of the MIDI track you imported from GP7 to Odin II.

Yeah! Thanks for the advices! Using Cubase after Logic is harder than I thought. Maybe I should watch tutorial vids from YouTube. Its time consuming trying to learn things while working on project and without knowledge where I Can find this and that.

As I asked these questions In my first post
Even loading different vst plugins to midi track is a bit pain In the ass right now. Is the some key command how I Can get these plugin Windows back when I have closed them?

Example: I create new midi track and load Odin II then I create some notes there and load guitar amp sim. Okay all good so far. Then I click X on plugin window and its gone. I cant find any button to get those windows back.

Click the Edit Instrument button in the MIDI Track Inspector:

I assigned a Key Command for it. So OP, you may consider that, too. I used “v” but there’s plenty of options for it.

After watching few hours of tutorials things are looking more brighter!

I still got one question. When I’m editing my midi on piano roll, sometimes there is a problem. My Odin II plugin uses keyswitches which are programmed -C1, -D2 and so on. But here is the thing… On some occasions I can access those notes but then next time piano roll won’t go lower than C0.

So what I have to do to access all the way down there.