vst plugins

hello i have a pc, w7, 64 bit, 4gb ram, E-MU 0404 PCI( beta 2.30), c6 elements 6 64 bit, HALion sonic SE, HALion sonic, dark planet, ( and hypersonic 2 ( it works in w7 like a stand alone synth without c6),w7 drivers on sampletank 2L, soniksynth 2) i want to get them to work together in cubase elements 6( i upgraded from cubase SE 3)
I have projekts wich use the old plugins. is it true and how do i do to make it work?
is cubase elements 6 have a vst bridge for 32-64 bit?
what is jbridge?
I get no sound out but i get midi signal in?
how should the e-mu dsp patch be set up?

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"I get no sound out but i get midi signal in? "

I was having the same problem with Sampletank and Sonk Synth.

I’m not sure if my terminology is correct, but . . .

I fixed it when I loaded sounds in all 16 modules and found Sampletank and Sonik Synth responded to midi channel 10.

I set the part I wanted to midi channel 10 and it’s all good.