VST Preset idea (insert FX included)

So .midiloops are a really cool feature in cubase.

More often than not, i am not really utilising the feature as it can be quite messy.
i have around 100 midiloops exported which are all different synthesizers with different insert fx added and of course some midi information.
As your scroll through this folder of midiloops it needs to load a different synth and all insert fx every time for you to audition, so its an inherently slow process.
I do however make a lot of sounds for my synthersizers which i would love to have the “insert fx” kept as part of the patch information, as the insert FX are vital to the sound/patch.
This is when i have been using midiloops, crazy patches with a lot of external eq & distortion, or heavily processed patches.

What would be cool is if steinberg took the concept and added some of the ideas directly to the synth itself.
Right next to the “load patch” on a synth to load .vstpresets you could have a load button which would load something like the midiloop information, which includes not only the patch for said synthesizer but also the insert FX for it.

So ultimately you could build presets just like you can with .vstpreset lists, directly on each synthesizer from the drop down menu, but with the added bonus of it saving the “insert fx” with it.
Makes much more sense to have such a feature directly available at the synthesizer itself, rather than having to go to the midiloop browser and have a list of random different synths and each time cubase has to load that synth & insert fx.

I wouldn’t take away .midiloops at all, becuase i do think it serves a great purpose, also with the added midi information.
But i think adding a drop down menu one each synth with patch and insert FX information would be a neat time saving feature they could easily implement.

Always looking for ways to make the workflow in cubase quicker, as it isn’t the quickest workflow daw out there, but definitely the most feature rich.

Very dope idea!

Yeah would be an Epic idea if that was implemented!