VST PRO Refresher Course requested

I gave up trying to get VST Connect Pro to work for me back in 2021. I decided to try again and realize that I’ve forgotten just about everything that I need to get it going.

I’m on Ver. 5.6 (with Nuendo 12 on a PC runnig Win. 10) and I’m looking to just run tests between my Tower (Engineer) and my laptop (Performer) before risking somebody else’s time with an actual session.

The 2 PC’s “see each other” in the app. But only the performer camera is showing on both units. The Engineer Camera, while listed and chosen from the menu is not showing any picture. All of the Performer settings are greyed out and none of the studio connection lights are on. So I’ve only got a partial connection.

Could someone here talk me though the steps I need to get everything back online?


Okay, I got everything connected. But I can only hear on the performer’s side. The track is playing out of the laptop. But I’ve got nothing on the Studio side coming through my headphones.

I’ve got strong signal showing on both the studio and performer’s meters of the playback and equally strong signal showing on Nuendo’s outputs and the interface. The talkback mic is OFF. So why can’t I hear anything? What did I forget to adjust?

Does the Performer side produce a a signal at all? If so, you should be able to hear it provided that

  • the “Performer” dial in the VST Connect plugin is up
  • there is a “VST VConnect Monitor” plugin in the Control Room after the Monitor channel that you are listening to. Try “Repair VST Connect” and check the Control Room post Monitor plugins. If you listen via headphones, you may have to move or add a VST Connect Monitor plugin after the Headphone bus. See https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360012899079

That’s the Studio side, and it shows that playback is beeing received on the Performer end. The Performer (!) Monitor mixer has nothing to do with what Studio hears, or receives. Only the upper “RECORDING” section has. Make sure the Performer channel(s) (Mic, and/or Instrument) are not muted or cranked down there.

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Thanks for the reply.

I still can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve matched my settings to those in the manual. I’m sending screen shots. Maybe you can see the error in my settings.

I should also note that I can hear all of the room sounds in my HPs through the camera mics. I can hear the performer’s side coming from the laptop. If I turn my monitors on, I can hear the playback blasting through them. The headphones are plugged into the same interface as the monitors. So, I don’t understand why the playback isn’t coming into the headphones when the monitors are turned off (which is a requirement).

I have also noticed that the Talkback light in the Cue section of the CR does NOT go out when playback is running. The bottom TB indicator goes out automatically and comes back on the second I hit stop. But the top one stays lit regardless of play/stop status.

Never mind. I found the problem. it was a routing error in the interface. I can hear everything fine now. Thanks for the help.