VST problems after updating

i hope this is the right place to put my question, if not, please don’t hit me :smiley:

i’m pretty new to the world of cubase and got a serious problem with my vst-presets after updating my cubase 5 32bit to version 5.5.2. i’m using windows 7, 64bit on a 3.00Ghz Core2Duo machine.

my problem is:
opening my projects after updating cubase it tells my “can’t find vst-presets on halionone” or something like that.
i scanned the media bay a couple of times and it seems to find most of the presets, but i can’t find and load them in halionone. when this problem occured first i uninstalled cubase and everything that’s got to do with it and tried reinstalling cubase 5 straight from the dvd but after finishing the installation still some presets were just missing.
i reinstalled cubase a couple of times now, i tried to install the uptade again and so on and so on, but somehow i never get my vst presets the way i had them before trying to update it, there’s always something missing.

i really don’t know what to do because i can’t even get the old 5’ version right again.

thanks for your help,

Knowledge Base article, link in sig.