VST Quick Control assignment in MIDI Remote API scripting?

If I understand correctly, mQuickControls assigns a control to the Track Quick Controls.
Is there a keyword for assigning a control to VST Quick Control? (My apologies if I’m using the wrong terminology, I’m a programming newbie.)

I realize I can simply use the MIDI remote API wizard for the control assignment but I’d like to do some extra stuff with the control like sending the associated display strings to a display.

Also, I notice that using the MIDI remote API wizard creates a .json file. Is there a way for a javascript file to be created instead when using the wizard?

oh, i see there is this JSON.parse thing that can convert json strings into js objects. maybe there is some roundabout way to get assign vst QC via js.
i’ll have to give this a try.

You need to use the Focus Quick Controls (search the API docs for the full name). These will switch between Track and VST depending on whether or not the VST Instrument is in focus. You can also change the midi remote setting to have these always be vst instrument, or track.

I had the same struggle until I found there were two commands for quick controls!

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It took a some trial and error to figure out where to put that and how to structure the rest but it works! Thanks, Rob!

About the VSTi or track focus, are you referring to mFocusLockedValue?

The Midi Remote tab has a Quick Control Focus indicator, drop down menu and lock:

That is what I was referring to. I think the mFocusLockedValue is a way to connect to that lock.

Thanks for the clarification. I thought there might be something in the scripting part that does this. But this works with separate MIDI remote profiles for dedicated vst and track quick controls.