VST Quick Controls - Please Help Me Understand

Hello. I’ve been going through the Cubase 8 manual and I’m now in the chapter for VST instruments. There’s a brief mention about setting up VST and Track Quick Controls. I’ve dabbled with setting up Track Quick Controls and see their benefit in that I can control parameters on individual tracks from my keyboard controller and leave the mouse alone. I’ve also dabbled with setting up a Generic Remote and got the Cubase Transport to respond to the transport buttons on my keyboard controller. Sweet!

But I’m having a hard time understanding VST Quick Controls. What are they for and how do they differ from Track Quick Controls?



VST Quick Controls are dedicated controls for VST Instruments. So if the Instrument track is selected, you can control parameters of the virtual instrument. The assignment is done in the Instrument itself.

Thanks Martin. So what would you say is the difference between VST Quick Controls and Track Quick Controls? With the TQCs, I could set up my keyboard controller to manipulate parameters for a VST instrument as well and record automation of the parameters. It sounds like they’re the same thing, but obviously there’s differences I haven’t grasped yet.

I dont understand this whole implementation either…

It could be so easy…

Select a channel, rightclick a knob or whatever on channel or insert → learn → twiddle knob on controller-> done.

→ a universal QC manager can be used to “lock” assignments , save layouts , whatever… (No matter which track is selected)

Aaaanyway… Why am i writing in this thread?

Because i always run into this same issue regarding QCs on the master bus…
→ can somebody please tell me how to effectively use QCs on inserts on the master channel? (For non cubase stock plugins)

Its a cat n mouse game for me everytime i run into it… Somehow the solution is just not sticking in my head…lol Somehow my workflow gets cramped how it is now and i am here in the forum whining…lol

Back to the op- what is the difference? No one really knows? Hahah…im sure i knew this and forgot this at least like 8 times or so? Lol… Why is there a difference at all? Just combine it it all into a good system…right?:stuck_out_tongue:

So, sry for the semi hijack (its not really a hijack but an addendum;))

Thanks for any tips…:slight_smile:

It’s simple. You have a Track Quick Controls for any track. Additionaly you can define other 8 Controls, which are for an Instruments only.

If you want to use QCs on Stereo Out Channel, show this Channel in the Project window and use the QuickControls tab, or show Quick Controls in the MixConsole Racks.

Then you can search for the parameter or find it in the tree.

Ah thx martin:)

The stereo out channel is visible in the arranger after clicking the “write automation” button on the master bus.

-Still, i think that this need to get reworked a little bit though… My controller has 16knobs, 8 faders and many buttons… Some plugins/ plugin chains could benefit from more than 8 controls…:wink:


Thx again and have a nice day:)

I have to say I find the the whole concept needlessly complicated and convoluted.
To the point that I never use them, quick controls should be quick.
Yes I can make them work, but It takes a minute or two every time, not exactly intuitive.
It could be so easy, just add a guide. A window pops up ask what you want to control and all other relevant questions and poof a working remote controlled parameter. If done right it would be used by professionals and new users alike.

+1 time for a revisit/rethinking of this whole area. It should be a lot easier and intuitive.


I have fumbled around with VST QCs now for 2 days with instructions from the manual & still can’t get it to work with a VST instrument. Well, didn’t follow exactly to the letter. I created a track instrument (Halion Sonic SE) & noticed the QCs in the inspector were already there. Manual says it should be blank. I saw in the Devices dialogue that the default value for VST QC1 is 70. So I set a knob on my controller to cc70 and clicked Apply. Not only does the instrument not respond, but midi data doesn’t even show up in Cubase on the Transport or the Midi Monitor. I had to return to the Devices dialogue and change the midi input to “not connected” before any cc70 data would arrive in Cubase from my controller & Halion still didn’t respond to it.

I agree with peakae that this could be much more intuitive with an interactive “QC Wizard” to have you answer some questions and set things up for you. Maybe in a future version, Stienberg?

These are Track Quick Controls, what you can see in the Inspector, not VST QCs.

[quote="Vain Cookies"I saw in the Devices dialogue that the default value for VST QC1 is 70. So I set a knob on my controller to cc70 and clicked Apply. Not only does the instrument not respond, but midi data doesn’t even show up in Cubase on the Transport or the Midi Monitor.[/quote]

You could use MIDI Learn to learn Cubase to use the MIDI CC, you are sending from your hardware MIDI Keyboard.

Where exactly, to Track QCs or VST QCs?

This post from the CB7 days really helped me out to understand and set this stuff up.

Regards :sunglasses:

This ^^ is very helpful too.

Just ended up on this old thread and still scratching my head untili found this. Hope it clarifies things once and for all… Cubase 10 Tutorial: MIDI Learn, Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls - YouTube