VST Quick Controls via Euphonix (Artist Mix)

I am just exploring now this new concept, VST Quick Controls of 7.5. It is great because I can link those to Vienna Ensemble Pro’s faders for a quick re balancing of the template.

I was wondering if I could use my Avid Artist Mix faders (Euphonix based) to control these VST quick controls? Unfortunately the other option of using Midi CC’s does not have the needed resolution.

Hi you, sorry if i have to stay a Little bit vague because I am not in front of my Studio Equipment currently. But: Yes, you can control the quick-controls via Artist Controllers.

Cheers, Ernst

Thanks. VST quick controls too?


Keep pressed DYN/EQ button for about 3 seconds. When you release it you’ll access to the Quick Controls

Now you can Flip the QC to the faders.

Hope this help you!

Hi, as to your question about the VST-Quick Controls. Up to now I dont think so.

Regards, Ernst