VST Rack Instrument Questions

Two more questions as I explore Cubase and wait for my two earlier posts to go through:

  1. Changing the names of VST Rack Instruments: I know I can double click the name of a Rack Instrument or Alt+Click it to change the name. The name correctly changes in that window (right hand side of screen) but it seems very buggy changing the corresponding Rack Name in the Project Window. I have played around with them by moving the folders up or down, toggling back and forth between the Visibility and Inspector tabs, and hiding the Rack Instrument names. Sometimes this has succeeded in changing the names, but most recently I am unable to change the rack name. Perhaps an important piece of info was that for the one in question, I had already changed the name once, but needed to rename it again because I changed my organization.

  2. Is there a way to change the order of the VST Rack Instruments in the “VST Instruments” area? I know I can move the corresponding folders up and down in the project window, but if I need to add a Rack Instrument whose number belongs in between existing rack instruments, I can’t get it to do that. The new Rack instrument added seems to always jump to the next unused number. The reason for this is I would like to keep all the strings, woodwinds, etc. together not just in the project window but also in the VST Instruments area.



  1. Could you send a clear repro, please?

  2. Sorry, there is no way, how to change the order of Instrument racks in the VST Instruments.

Thanks again for the response, Martin.

  1. Do you mean several screenshots? I’m assuming that’s the case. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do that right now as I’m putting in 15-16 work days, but when things calm down I would be happy to.

The good news with this issue is I figured out how to rename them in the LHS project window. Not sure how I missed it earlier, but I just need to select the appropriate VST Rack Instrument in the project window area, select the Inspector tab, and double click the name.

That seems to work just fine, however I still sometimes have to play around with the Inspector/Visibility settings if say the corresponding main output name doesn’t change right away.

  1. Too bad :frowning: maybe a future update can fix this?

Yes, I feel the same way. It can be terribly confusing when you have a lot of rack instruments that are in a totally different order from your MIDI tracks. Put in a feature request, by all means. I have to believe that this would not be a terribly difficult enhancement to add.

A few thoughts on this.

I use “rack instruments” for those VSTI’s that have Multiple Outputs I want to use. For all other instruments, I use separate instances of them on “Instrument Tracks”

I put all my MIDI tracks into a Folder and sub-Folders using an order that makes sense for what’s being worked on.

Audio Tracks go in an Audio Tracks Folder (and sub-folders as needed)

I love the Folder feature in the program and tend to put everything into related folders – Groups, FX, submixes, loops

Using the Visibility Options, I’m able to have the Mixer show me what I need to see in the Mixer context and, when working in the Midi tracks, I can hide or just fold up all the VSTI Monitoring/Automation Ports (tracks).

I’m still a new Cubase User (2 months into the program), but used Sonar and before that Cakewalk and before that Voyetra Seq+