VST Rack Pro side chain capability

Just got into (Yamaha) VST Rack Pro for live plugins via Dante. Looking good, lots of great features. I’ve got the other live plug in system and VST Rack Pro has features missing on that system. But I really need the ability to side chain between racks. My Cubase Pro has THE BEST side chain capability in the business I would like to see some of that appear in VST Rack Pro. I can side chain between racks with the other guys, but it’s nothing like Cubase Pro. When I really need to side chain between racks I can use the native version of their “Rack” with the convenience of the Yamaha RUio16-D.
Their VST3 plugins work great in VST Rack Pro, while 3rd party plugins for their rack system are non-existent. The RUio16-D is much smaller than the 4RU roll around I have to use to support their system.
Bottom line: I’d love to see inter-rack side chain capability added to VST Rack Pro.

Totally agree. I hope we see some feature updates for VST Rack Pro soon including side chaining.