VST racks could use some love

Some of us build really large lists of VST plugins.

(and if you could scroll down you’d see even more.)

For you nay-sayers, I’ve used this approach because each ‘instrument’ represents a useful/typical group of instruments: “Wind Octet”, “String Octet”, “French Horns”, which allows me to build a custom template quickly without having to include lots of instruments I won’t need. When I only need one French Horn instead of four, I deactivate three of them to reduce memory/CPU. This has worked out to be a reasonably quick, easy and flexible approach to provisioning a new piece.

It would be extraordinarily helpful if:

  1. I could drag the ‘instruments’ up and down to organize them.
  2. I could assign them colors like I can tracks.



It would be nice if the colours and ordering was taken from the colours and ordering in the VST instrument folder in the track list. At least they would match.
Something for 14?

You should add a Feature Request tag to this thread so the right folks actually see it.

This would be great but maybe it is an issue with VST versions, i.e., pre VST3 would not allow, or else an ASIO issue, e.g., i/o cannot be changed similarly unfortunately.

I get what you’re saying, but ultimately the list order is only visual, it doesn’t really make sense that the order is intrinsically tied to the instance ID.

I added the “feature-request” tag as it looks to me like a feature-request.

+1 definitely!! this features will be a great help with the workflow. I have a similar approach in working with vsti and I always have an issue with finding and edit the instrument I need. So being able to reorder and/or color them will greatly improve my workflow.

You can do that without being a mod?


Can’t you? :slight_smile:

Never even considered the possibility before - but that does get to my real question “can I?”

I have often found myself needing to copy all data from one project into another just to obtain consistency across projects so, yes; it would be a great thing to be able to re-order Rack-based VST’s but alas I still believe it is tied to the VSTSDK in operation, which for all intents and purposes includes, for better or worse VST2.

Well, if a user is relatively new to the forum functionalities, I guess you can :slight_smile:

Sorry my friend, I never questioned your feature-request, I was replying to Raino :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing how to add tags…