VST recommendations for guitars and drums

Atm I´m writing scores for audio export in Guitarpro, but I´d like to improve the sound quality. As I really like to work with Dorico 3 notating music, I´d like to also use it for audio export using VST instruments. I´m pretty new to this and am wondering if Steinbergs Halion 6 and Groove Agent 5 are a good fit for this.
These are the instrument sounds I mainly use: Nylon string guitar, Steel string guitar, Electric guitar with overdrive, Standard Rock/Pop Drumset. Sometimes I use Bass guitar and rarely do I use Strings, Marimba and brass instruments.

I´d be very happy if some experienced users would have some recommendations for this usecase.

Heavier7Strings, the best electric guitar VST AFAIK.

If you have a USB-eLicenser, you can get trial-licenses for any Steinberg product and try out, if it fit your needs.

Thank you, ShikiSuen! I´ll take a look into it.

Thanks Ulf, I didn´t know about that. I have a e-licenser so I´ll just figure out if it works for me.

I like the EW VSTs … for guitars and drums Minstry of Rock and Pro Drummer especially are good. When it comes to guitar, best to play it yourself, always adds more life even if you’re a mediocre player.

Thanks Peter, I´m probably gonna stick with Halion SE for now for quick sound examples and go on recording when I need more.
Unfortunately I couldn´t get any other VST besides Halion 6 to work with Dorico. But the sound with Halion SE is already better than in GuitarPro.

Your problems with other VSTs might be related to the fact that they are VST2, which need to be whitelisted? Check the manual about this, it should be quite easy to get them up and running :wink:

Ministry of Rock works in Play with no fiddling.

micck hello,
Well, there are some nice drum libraries for Groove Agent and you can use it. But I personally prefer Toontrack - Superior Drummer and EZ Drummer, and also Steven Slate Drums.
About guitars… I would recommend only few, which have almost genuine sound (have more natural sound than most)

Guitars & Basses:
Ilya Efimov - Nylon Guitar
Ilya Efimov - Fretless Bass

Ample Sound

Worth to check also for:
Impact Soundworks - Shreddage 3 Series

Another recommendation in order to get much better sound out of the electric guitars and basses. Use virtual amps like
IK Multimedia - Amplitube 4, or Positive Grid - BIAS Amps 2 on Channel Insert. Don’t use the integrated into the instrument plugins amps! :slight_smile:
Dorico allows you to insert 3rd party amps on Channel Insert. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Check out Orange Tree Samples - for my money the best guitars out there. Their mandolin is next up on my shopping list.

I’d not come across these before. The Jaco demos are pretty cool! Thanks for posting!