VST recored through outboard gear

Question regarding VST output routing. Is there a way to send the output of a VST Synth through outboard gear (like a Guitar or Bass amp) then through my sound card for recording to audio? Looking to get sounds a bit warmer and add if possible some air to them. I have two options that may work.

  1. Through my Bass amp then record with a mic, this amp has two preamps (one Solid State, the other Tube which can be mixed or run independently)
  2. Through my POD HD Pro without a mic but with Amp/Cab emulation, the POD has a SPDIF in/out which I have connected to my sound card (Steinberg UR28M)

Does anyone have any experience with this? I guess another question would be if it’s it worth it? I doubt this will make a VST sound like a true classic analog synth but it may help to fatten and add some character.

If I’ll get the same result from running a VST Synth with an insert plugin (like VST Amp Rack or Guitar Rig), I’ll go that route which is much easier.

Eventually I’ll invest in some real analog synths but for now I’m just looking for options to get some unique sounds.

This is perfectly viable. The resultant quality is is usually good, depending on the gear being used of course (you’ll have to be the judge). A VSTi can be processed as one would any synth.