VST REMOTE control > ARTIST and then?!?

So I really don’t get it. How I can control VSTi’s with my AVID ARTIST?
I arm an instrument channel with Retrologue, click the down arrow on the right top, choose remote control and change generic into Artist.
Now, I do see the retrologue channel on my artist and I can do all the mixer functions, but I’m unable to pull up any of the artist mappngs I’ve just seen in it’s remote control dialog. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, bad news: You cannot control virtual instruments (but only virutal effects) with the ARTIST series.
Only way is using quick controls (they are supported by the Artist series)

Sorry, Ernst

THNX So, guess my next 2 questions are then, WHY is there an ARTIST mapping then in the remote setting (those silver squares withn8 knobs)? And how do I configure the ARTIST to be the quick remote device?
Also is there any documentation regarding Cubase and the artist anywhere BEYOND how to install the software and enable the EUCON panel?
I find workflow support and a good summary of what’s actually possible to be completely lacking atm. i’m on eucon 3.2.2 btw.

Hi you,

concerning documentation: Have a look into the extracted Folder that is created when you download EUcon 3.2.2. There is a “documentation” Folder included that conatains some Manuals.

For the quick controls I only know how to Access the TRACK-QUick Controls on the MC Control. This only requires one page right and then one of the knobs left of the Touchscreen says “quick”. press and you are where you wanted to go.

FOr the MC Mix I dont know. HAve to check whether RACK-QC are also possible

Cheers, Ernst

Hi, to control QC with an ARTIST MIX you simply press the “eq” button for some seconds. The 8 Track quick controls are then available on the top 8 Rotary Controllers of the Artist mix.

CHeers. Ernst

Nice one! THnX is that somewhere in the documentation too?

Hi you,

sorry I dont think so. I found it “googling”. Generally speaking without hints from other users I would not be able to use half of the great Features of the Artist Controller. I think a Manual from STEINBERG is overdue!!!

Cheers, ERnst

PS.: Ask all the Details here, browse the Forum for “eucon”. You will find a lot of tips.

Yes that works great, so i guess if i then go to quick control window, i can change the. Buttons to something that makes sense and that then should be hopefully be reflected on the artist.
Now… I also have a transport and i can’t find it to do anything else then some slow useless scrolling and zooming variations with the wheel and ring and basic transport with the surrounding buttons.
Are there any other functions documented somewhere?
I’m underwhelmed with manual programming looking at a CONTROL (rather then transport) interface in EUcontrol. Are there any transport templates floating around that make more sense?

Below is what’s advertized by AVID but it’s not all working:
Get deep control over all aspects of Steinberg Cubase. Simply install the EuControl software, follow the instructions in the EUCON Application Setup Guide, attach your Artist Mix, and you’re ready to go.

Artist Mix features in Cubase:

Gain editing and mixing accuracy using high-resolution faders and rotary encoders
Instantiate and edit plug-ins, EQs, instruments, busses, groups, inputs, and mix destinations directly from the surface
Flip any editable parameters from the rotary encoders to the faders
Lock any surface fader to any track in Cubase using the Direct Assign feature
Create and save up to 48 different fader configurations as Layouts that save with your project file
Toggle automation modes for each channel from the surface
Toggle the Cubase mixer on or off from the surface
Name tracks and parameters with up to nine characters
Get access to a selected track’s eight Quick Controls (Cubase 5.5 and later) using the Quick Controls (QC) knobset
Instantiate and edit VSTi parameters directly from the surface (Cubase 5.5 and later)