Vst sdk 3.7.0 -> 3.7.2

Half a year ago I developed a VST3 plugin, it uses SDK version 3.7.0 and works quite well. I decided to upgrade it to SDK 3.7.2. The SDK has been compiled and built successfully. However, when rebuilding my project with 3.7.2, I got an error while linking:
Error LNK2001 unresolved external symbol “public: static class Steinberg::FUID const Steinberg::IPlugView::iid” (?iid@IPlugView@Steinberg@@2VFUID@2@B) sdk.lib
OS Win 7 x64, MS Visual Studio 2017. Used libs from SDK: sdk, base, pluginterfaces.
What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions? Maybe IPlugView::iid moved to other module?

This symbol is defined in the sdk_common lib

Thanks! It works.