VST SDK 3.7 CMake doesn't run validator and ICO for bundle and not working ProjectGenerator

Today I test vst 3.7 and I managed my process to create vst plugin project myself, as I am comfortable with my own way with CMake (with 3.6.14 version).
Problems in (3.7) (Windows 7 64bit home premium)

  1. build doesnt add *.ICO into bundle.vst3 folder after build (I have to manually add path into CMake before generate project). Previous version add it automatically.
  2. in previous SDK after build helloWorld project or any example, validator was automatically invoked. In 3.7 is not invoked (it is not added in to post build cmd).
  3. Project generator don’t want create a project. I add cmake exe path, but click to create project still throw warning that cmake is not found.

You are using a 4 year old cmake version. Maybe try with a newer one?

I used 3.17.1 and today I tried latest one. Nothing changed.