VST SDK 3.7 Project Generator freezes on Mac

It’s not possible to create a project with the VST3 SDK Project Generator on the Mac. As soon as CMake has been referenced as a path it freezes.
When I delete CMake it works again. I tried two different versions of CMake, including the latest one. The problem remains.
The VST3.7 SDK is currently not useable for me, since I can not create a project on the Mac.

Please reconsider to move away from CMake in the future. I needed one month to make everything work with the VST 3.6.9 SDK. Instead please provide several simple and separate project files with a single plugin as an output.

The fact that the CMake generator is not working is not a good reason to move away from CMake entirely. CMake is actually quite good and I personally use it for my own projects (and the SDK has been using it for years now). What is not good is that the tool is not working. I did have problems running it myself and that was reported then https://sdk.steinberg.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=835&p=2669#p2669 and eventually was able to make it work (but I do not remember how).

The generator tool is also new since 3.7.0 and is certainly not a requirement to use 3.7.0. It wasn’t there before and that did not prevent anybody from using 3.6.x although it was never easy. This was actually one of my main motivation to create the Jamba project: to make easy what is actually quite hard but shouldn’t be. Since then I ported Jamba to use 3.7.0 and never use it anyway.

If you want to check Jamba (which solves many of the hardship of the sdk), in particular the tool that lets you create a a fully working VST3 plugin in a few clicks (directly in your browser) it is there https://jamba.dev (then Quickstart / web)


Were you able to build a VST 2.4 plugin with the 3.7.0 SDK ?

It is possible… naturally if you have the VST2 interface from an old SDK.

Did you check the AGain example provided as example ?