VST Selected Parameter Remote Control: Mix Console

I know this was asked about in 2013 but I simply want to be able to have the focused parameter in a vst be accessible for a single controller ie big knob for fine settings


This is possible worth the AI Knob.

Thats great…but how to implement for a generic controller? How is the A1 doing this…via scripting?
More than the mouse, Im installing a 3rd screen (touch screen) to particularly manage inserts/gui and want to be able to select a parameter and use the large knob on a kore 2 controller which has become an amazing controller for cubase.

ie the question remains; what is vst mixer/selected/selected actually for (in the generic editor)?


You cannot integrate it into the Generic Remote Device, sorry.

So hence my op remains; I guess as a feature request…surely there must be others that would like this behaviour…I just had a quick look for feeback about a1 and its all positive. There are so many controllers that have a ‘big knob’…an implementation of this in the generic would be great…or some directions on the sdk and Ill do it myself. I guess if people arent aware of the joy it brings…then its probably a moot point.