VST Settings

1.) VST settings will not be saved. (for the layer)
2.) Settings for shared VSTs will not be saved. (for the layer)
3.) Plugin preset handling is bad:

  • Only saving or loading possible
  • No Update / Save possible
  • No Delete possible
  • No ordering possible
  • No Search Possible
    and so on


… I don’t understand that. Can you please give us some more hints? Ah! Do you mean that the current state of your plug-in will not be saved to a layer? I can not confirm that. Maybe I am missing something. Do you have a repro?

  1. Start VL, New Project
  2. Load VST to Layer 1. Which one?
  3. Save Project, Close VL, Start VL, load Project

All settings if your VST instrument is gone?

We have fixed some bugs for shared instrument. Can you please give me a repro? Then I can check if the next version has fixed it.

Yes, we’ll improve it.


Hi Michael,

my Test-scenario:

  1. New Project “x”
    1 Layer VST Preset “5” Changing Drawbars (Image I1-1)
  2. Save New Project
    All ok (Image I1-2)
  3. Close Project “x”
  4. Open Project “x”
    Show Layer - all ok
  5. New Song with shared VST
    Select Preset “8” (Image I2-1)
  6. Save Project “x”
    After Saving the Preset changed (Image I2-2)
  7. Close Project “x”
    8, Open Project “x”
  8. New Song (NO shared VST) (Image I2-3)
  9. Close Project “x”
  10. Open Project “x”
  11. Show Song 1 VST - ok (Image I3-1)
  12. Show Song 2 VST - false (Image I3-2) - has to be Preset 5
  13. Show Song 3 VST - ok (Image I3-3)


VSTlive-1.zip (418 KB)

I cannot reproduce this. It may be fixed in the upcoming version that it was tested with.
But there are some obstacles, especially point 5 “New Song with shared VST”, so this is what I did:
All of 1-4 as you described, using B3 and the 5th preset, changed one drawbar, all good as you did.
5: new Song set b3 of Song 1 Layer 1 shared in first Layer, change to preset 8, move a drawbar.
6 Save does not change preset or anything.
close, open, all good.
8 then 9 gives warning to save, obviously. I did not, but it makes no difference.
10,11,12: cannot confirm, all is as expected.
Try with the new version coming soon pls. If the problem persists (or if you like, by now) send project x as saved in 3 and 6 and maybe after 7 (if you saved it there), same for 9 so we can check your iterations. But probably there are some save operations missing in your repro, also “close” and “open” - always left VST Live completely and started over, maybe you did differently. Every detail counts.

Hi Musicullum,
I wait for the next version

I’ve noticed another unexpected behavior for “SONG/MIXER/MAIN/INSERT”:

  1. I’ve inserted a VST (Image I1-1) in Song 1.
  2. The VST is shown in Song 2 and 3 too. (Image i2-2, i2-3)
    I’ve expected MIXER/MAIN for all parts of a Song ?!

VSTlive-2.zip (131 KB)

I don’t understand that. You inserted Ultra Verb in the MAIN output channel which is global to the whole project. What do you expect?

You inserted it in the MAIN output, which is not exclusive to a Song. If you want to apply an insert fx for a particular Song only, you need to insert it in the Song bus channel (channel with the name of the Song) instead. You also need to ensure that all tracks etc are routed to that channel (default for tracks, but not for Layers channels).

I just realized that you used a “B4” which I can’t find anything about…can you reproduce your problem with other plugins, i.e. Halion Sonic SE (which is supplied with VST Live)?

I understand. Thanks

I’ve made two Tests.

Test 1 VST “Korg M1”:
New Project
Song 1: Layer VST Korg M1
Song 2: Layer Shared VST Korg M1
Crashes when saving project

Test 2 VST “Korg M1”:
New Project
Song 1:Layer VST Korg M1
Song 2:Layer VST Korg M1 (NOT shared)
Saving Project
Open Project Test2.
No Dump-File
Printscreen Task-Manager


VSTLIVE-3 Test KORG M1.zip (269 KB)

VSTLIVE-3 Test KORG M1-2.zip (60.2 KB)

I’ve made a third Test.

Test 3 VST “Arturia B-3”:
New Project
Song 1: Layer VST Arturia B-3 Preset A
Song 2: Layer Shared VST Arturia B-3 Preset B
Saving Project.
Open Project
No Crash
Both Songs with the correct Preset.


… and no CrashDumps were created? Strange. The correct path is


Yes, I know

So it’s down to certain plugins. VST2 maybe?
Don’t have M1 but Odyssey, which works fine both VST2 and VST3.

… that zip contains a CrashDump. Thank you. It is crashing directly inside the M1 Plug-In. I’ll try to contact KORG. Question. You are running M1 Version 1.8.0? V2.4.0 is available. Maybe that one has already fixed the problem? The upgrade is free


Thanks for the info
Kind regards