VST shut down without reason


I had a very annoying problem in Cubase 9.5 Pro or rather even two problems, but they are clearly related.

Problem 1 - sometimes my VST tracks (I use instrument tracks) just shut down without any reason when I listen to my track. Moreover, the instrument itself works if I play it on a MIDI keyboard, but notes I wrote in the piano roll are not reading. After a while, it turns on, as if nothing had happened.

Problem 2 - instead of turning off, the instrument freezes on some random note, and I have no way to stop it, except to disable an instrument and turn it on again. But I also able to play on MIDI keyboard when it happens, moreover, if it is a legato instrument, it will bound stuck note with a note I play on keyboard, but if I stop playing, it returns to stuck note.

It happens with any VST-instruments - Kontakt, Massive, Serum, doesn’t matter.

Previously, this problem occurred from time to time only, but recently it happens every 5-10 minutes, and it becomes simply impossible to work. It happens even in a project with no effects and 2-3 instruments, so it’s probably not about CPU, RAM or hard drives.

Has anyone met such a problem and solve it successfully?

Hi and welcome,

Make sure your plug-ins are up to date. I would also try to update your Audio Device driver. Try to increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device.

If nothing of this helps, you can try to trash Cubase preferences.

Btw, if you have this MIDI Note hangs issue, you can use MIDI > Reset function. This should stop the sound hopefully.