vst snaps to bar when recoding in real time - help please

I dont know what i have done to create this but i can not solve it either. When I am recoding vsts every note snaps the the start of the bar. For example if I play four notes in a 4/4 bar, do re mi fa - all notes are automatically placed on do.

Im using Cubase Elements 8 If anyone has any ideas on how to reslove this i would appreciate it.


Isn’t an AutoQ (Automatic Quantize) switched On in the Transport Panel. This quantize all recorded tracks to the grid while recording.

thanks heaps Martin.

It does seem to be something to do with that. I tried to restore it to factory setting (as i one of the options in the drop down menu in the quantize panel) but this didnt seem to do anything. I have played around and 1/32 and clicking auto seems to be best.

Do you know what is the factory settings? or what I should set it to? I just want the notes i play to be recorded in real time, then i can edit them later if need be.

Ive only upgraded from Cubase Le5 a few days ago so still getting my head around these kind of things.

also then the issue with snapping back to the grid. Before i did what ever i did to set all this in place, i could record in real time the vsts and snap back to the bar (or grid i guess) - but now it seems i need to muck around with settings to do this.