VST Sound Library "Halion Sonic ____" not found

Apologies if this has been covered somewhere. I read a bunch of threads, but I’m very ignorant when it comes to Steinberg’s sound library directories and I couldn’t make sense of anything.

I just installed Cubase and Dorico on a new computer. I installed everything to my C drive, except for HSSE 3 and the Orchestra Library which I installed to a D drive (my C drive isn’t that big so I’m trying to save some space).

Now, when I load HSSE 3 in Dorico, some of the instruments are working but I’m getting a lot of these messages (attached).

Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

I’d love to have a better understanding of how Steinberg’s sound libraries and directories work, are there any resources out there that can explain everything from the beginning? I imagine the forum will be more helpful to me once I get some basic information under my skull, but I feel like right now I’m missing something. So many folders…

If you run Steinberg Library Manager, you should see all of the various bits of content listed separately. I don’t know what content you should expect to see for Cubase, but for Dorico the list should be:

• HALion Symphonic Orchestra
• HALion Sonic SE Pro
• HALion Sonic SE Hybrid
• HALion Sonic SE Basic
• HALion Sonic SE Artist
• HALion Sonic Factory Content
• Olympus Choir Micro

If any of those are missing, try running the Dorico Pro 3 sounds installer again.

I’m still using Dorico 2, would that list be any different? I only have Halion Artist, Basic, and SO in the library manager.

I’m confused- in the Steinberg download assitant I set the download location to my E drive, but in the Library Manager it has the location as my C drive.

Maybe you confuse download location and installation location. First the Download Assistant downloads the installer(s) to the download location. Then you run the installer, which unpacks everything and puts the items to the final installation location.
Anyhow, one of the main purpose we developed the Library Manager for is so that you can easily move the sound libraries between drives or folders without the instruments losing sight of them. So you can move the Dorico libraries with it to your preferred location.

For Dorico 2, did you download all 3 packages that are available in the Download Assistant?
And did you run the installers for each of those packages?

I thought I did…it’s possible I didn’t though.

Can I delete the installer after unpacking the sounds? The folder with the installer is almost 8GB. I put it on my D drive to save space on my C, but I guess there’s another 8GB of space being taken up on my C drive anyway, unless I move it on the library manager?

Once you installed each package, you can delete the stuff from the download location, because indeed, the installer unpacked everything and copied all that 8GB somewhere else (probably now onto your C drive).
But you don’t move stuff into the Library Manager, but the Library Manager only keeps track of where all the libraries are and makes them visible to the instrument plug-ins. And the Library Manager can move the libraries easily from the C drive to another drive, thus freeing space on your C drive.

Got it, however I’m still having problems.

I went ahead and upgraded to Dorico 3, I was planning on doing it anyway. I downloaded the “Dorico Pro 3 Sounds Installer”, and unpacked everything (I think). However, in the Library Manager I have my Cubase and Padshop content, but no Dorico content. When I open a new project in Dorico or apply the HSSE+HSO template to an existing project, HSSE is loaded but all the channels are empty.

Inside the installer folder I see an installer for HSSE but not HSO. I’m still pretty confused.

Dorico 2 came as 3 packages, but Dorico 3 now only in 2 packages. So HSSE and HSO are combined to one package, it is about 9GB. You have to download that and let the installer run.

Yes, that’s what I did. I unzipped the folder and followed Dorico Pro 3 Sounds Installer/HALion_Sonic_SE_and_Content_for_Dorico_Pro_3.3_Installer_win/HALion Sonic SE

Inside this folder I ran the HALionSonicSE Installer file. There’s also an addition content folder with a bunch of VST files. Am I missing something?

(There’s no HSO installer in the sounds installer folder that I can see)

You only need to double-click the Setup.exe file in the unzipped folder after you extracted the zip file: that will do everything that needs to be done.

I tried the setup file too, twice now. I downloaded everything again in case something went wrong the first time and ran the setup file. I got this contradictory message at the end saying it had installed successfully, but also that it failed.

Did you definitely unzip the zip file, rather than just going inside it and double-clicking the Setup.exe file? Right-click on the zip file and extract it to its own real folder, then go into that folder and run Setup.exe from there.

Yes I extracted everything and deleted the zip file. I tried the uninstall option for components, and then ran it again normally and it worked (no idea why). So now it’s showing up in my library manager which is nice, however I’m getting strange behavior when I load the HSSE+HSO template. The VST instrument listed is !! HALion Sonic SE !!, but nothing happens when I click the edit instrument button and there are no sounds.

(there’s no HALion Sonic SE option in the VST instruments dropdown, just the HSO)

Then HSSE is somehow not installed with you. You can also download the latest HSSE version from here https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_halion_sonic_se_3&L=0 Please grab that one and let the installer run.
The on that page mentioned license you don’t need, because HSSE is included in the Dorico license.

Yup, everything seems to be working now, thanks!

Glad to hear. Happy doricoing from now on…