VST Sound Library Lists

Seen a few posts where people had asked whether there was a list of the VST Sound Libraries.

Well I’ve compiled one based on my own software purchases and installations on my Mac. It may be of use to those who wish to check their systems. If anyone notices any obvious omissions let me know.

You will have to zoom the view to read as forum only allows upload as a graphic less than 2mb.

VST Sound Libraries copy.jpg

Hi Dave, thanks for the list :smiley: It now was very easy for me to check my library (I’m on Windows btw) and it proved to be OK.

So according to this list, there are 3 instruments, that are exclusive to HALion 6 compared to HALion Sonic 3:


If so, HALion Sonic 3 is no option for me, as I really like the nylon guitar in HALion. Can anyone please confirm, that the following sound can’t be loaded / opened with HALion Sonic 3?

Classic Nylon Guitar

It should be a finger picked nylon guitar with keyswitches. Any further information on this would be much appreciated.


this beautiful Nylon Guitar (the 1st which replaces my Nylon Session Guitar from my Roland-JV) is HALion6-only

The libraries with ‘HAL’ in their name are Halion only, not just 6, they were in 5 as well.