vst sound library not found cubase

I searched this file all over the computer and could not find what to do please?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Have you the content of Cubase 11 installed?

Do you see anything suspicious in the Steinberg Library Manager?

Thank you.
Yes I have all the packages installed and still this window is up


Then you can click Remove, I believe.

This is what I finally did but every time I turn on Cubase 11 pro this window pops up again.
Maybe I should delete Cubase 9?


Is it always the very same file? Does it appear in Steinberg Library Manager?

It is always the same file and does not appear in the directory.
Question: Could this be what is preventing Cubase sampler from working? Because when I drag a web to the sampler then the cubase throws me out and disconnects


No, this is definitely not related.

Do you mean it crashes? Do you have a *.dmp file?

What is dmp file?


It’s the report of the crash. You can find the file(s) here:

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Thank you very much friend appreciate your help and the time you devote to your time. It is not clear from which