VST Sound Loop Set Klanghaus (HELP PLEASE)

I have just downloaded VST Sound Loop Set Klanghaus and dont have a clue how to get it working.
Can anyone help please.

I am a MAC user. Downloaded the installer from Steinberg. Went through the process which took around 1minute. Got a message saying VST Sound Loop Set Klanghaus installed.

Dont have a clue what to do next to activate it etc as i cant find it anywhere on my computer etc.

Please help

Hey there, did you manage to use it already?

I just purchased Klanghaus and it says it’s accessible from mediabay, but it’s not found there… I start to wonder if it’s compatible with cubase 7.5… thnaks for your reply!


Please open the MediaBay. Click on “Set up Window Layout” in the bottom left corner. Activate “Define Locations”. You will find all the samples and loops in the folder VST Sound / Loop Set Klanghaus.

Thanks for your reply, unfortunatly I dont see it. During the installation it doesnt ask where I want it to be installed.

Any idea ? :slight_smile:

and same here :slight_smile: Despite the fact that the files are installed in the folder VST SOUND, Mediabay doesn’t see it :frowning:

Dear Alexetnica:
In your case, you need to enter the activation code for the Klanghaus content into the elicenser controll center.
Afterwards the content should be available in the Mediabay right away.
You will find the activation code in the email, which Ask.net sent to you.
If you are not able to find the activation code, send me a pm - I will resend the activation code.

Best regards,

Not too successful with product activation. Klanghaus not listing after attempted activation in the current list of products on the USB. Cubase 9 and others have worked perfectly well.

It’s now 2020, and this problem is still here.
Bought it, activated it, downloaded it, got the t-shirt…But it’s nowhere to be seen in the media bay. I have tried moving it to other files to see it Cubase catches it. Still lost.
I really need these sounds for my project. I wish that Steinburg would answer my emails.

On Windows 10 pro with Cubase 11


I’m sorry, I’m not really strong in MediaBay and the additional libraries, but I was asked to try to help…

Please, open MediaBay. On the left side in the File Browser, right-click to the VST Sound folder and choose Refresh Views. Now open the VST Sound folder in the MediaBay. Can you see Klanghaus subfolder here? Is the check-marker enabled?

Hello Martin,
Thanks for getting back to me.
I have done that and it is still no visible, as you can see from the attach image

Do you have the sounds & loops browser on the right (which is different from the media bay?)

If so, do you find the sounds in the appropriate icon?

These are “vstsound” archives, which contain the icons and previews and sound files of the library all in one.

No, they still haven’t appeared. But as you can see, they are in my library. And on my elicencer.
They installed themselves in a file named “flux” with some other loop samples. I tried moving them around too to other files that held the same type of VST’s

Hi, there must be some bug with the VST Sound & Loop Collection but after a lot of trial and error, I finally found the trick to getting the icons to show up in the Loops & Samples section.

I downloaded the new Download Assistant and installed it, no Cubase 11, etc. at this point.

The new Download Assistant installs the eLicenser and the Steinberg Library Manager. My second install was the VST Sound & Loop Collection. After that was installed I then installed Cubase 11.

Now when I start Cubase 11 and view the Media tab and click Loops & Samples my icons appear! I then proceeded to install the rest of the Cubase 11 pieces.

I realize reinstalling everything isn’t probably something that other might want to try, but it seems to solve my problem with this. I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure it out for a while now.

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thanks - but a full uninstall / reinstall isn’t the answer - and mine were showing when I originally installed them but disappeared later…so yours may do the same ?

Ah, yes, mine never showed at all, but they were available in Cubase if you dug deeper. I just wanted the icons to appear. Sorry this doesn’t solve your issue.

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totally appreciate the input :+1:

It’s not a show stopper but it is annoying - I’d be interested if your do start to disappear. I have a support ticket open with steinberg but I suspect I won’t get an answer - and if I do it won’t be in any way helpful…oh well…

I hope mine don’t disappear because that will mean another reinstall for me.

Wish you luck with your ticket! I opened one a while back because I couldn’t relocate my sound library on Mac (Catalina) with the library manager. I had to find my own solution to that as well.

For this issue with the VST Sound & Loops I’m on Windows 10 of course.

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