VST Sound Loops and how it works

I installed the sound loop set Indie Rock. I thought I could find sounds, which I could use to create my own tracks, just like with all VST instruments. But I found only audio loops and I do not know how to use them for my own creation. It is said that the program contains 25 construction kits, but I do not know where to find them. Please, help me !

You can find them by using Cubase’s MediaBay. You can either press F5 or use the media browser to the right of the project window.

You can then use the loops by dragging and dropping the files into the project window. To make them fit with the rest of your project, use Cubase’s tools to loop, time stretch and transpose them.

You might also get interesting results if you drag and drop the loops into the Sampler Track or Groove Agent SE.

Thank you for answer!
I thought I’d find the sounds I could make my own tracks with them.So I can use only programmed loops. Another question was, where I can find those 25 construction kits?

Construction kits are sets of loops and sounds designed to work well together. They can often be used to build a complete backing track.

Loops belonging to the same construction kits will start with the same name. Cubase comes with a few out of the box. Type 29 Min Jupiter into the MediaBay search box for an example of what a construction kit looks like.

Many Thanks! Its clar to me !