VST sounds moved...what to delete from main drive?

Hi all, this is a puzzle to me… (I’m on Mac OSX). ( I want to clear up main drive hard disk space after moving my Cubase/Halion content)

  • I’ve moved my Halion content (and other Cubase VST content) to an external drive
  • through a combination of using Library Manager and dragging some sounds to the new disk, all is well. Halion is accessing and playing all the sounds and libraries from the external disk. Everything works!

But…what can I now safely delete back in my Library/Application Support/Steinberg/ location ???

  • if I remove what looks to be an identical file to what is now also on the external drive, then that instrument or the library it came from won’t show up when I open up Halion in Cubase
  • if I remove the Halion VST sounds from my Lib/App Supp area, then nothing shows up in Halion.

How come?

All the files are on the external drive and Library Manager shows that all the files are on the external drive.

What can I delete on my main drive in order to maintain funtionality and regain hard drive space?

Thanks all!

(as posted in my other forum letter)

Ahhh… think I’m seeing the ‘pointers/links’ that Library Manager has created while moving the libraries.

I only have over a gig of Steinberg content left in my Mac’s “Library/Application Support/Steinberg” area now…compared to the over 64Gigs I have created on my external drives ‘Cubase content’ area.

I guess that Library Manager is working correctly! I can live with that amount of space lingering around my main drive.

Still have Groove Agent ONE files to clean up and move, though. They’re not showing up in the Cubase instrument…all other kits are fine.