VST specs

Congratulations on your new product! This looks very exciting. I think it might be the first software to bring together all elements of live A/V.

I looked through the manual and the product pages and could not find the answer to my following questions.

  • What plugin formats does the application support? VST3 surely, but also VST2.x?
  • In the VST Live Mods app, can only one module be shown at a time? It would be useful to see two or all three modules at the same time. Especially if you run it on an iPad and have the screen real estate.
  1. yeah only VST3…. Which makes sense for a complete new software to be honest, especially due the fact that vst2 is discontinued anyways
  2. that’s true, pretty sure it comes in a future Update
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… to 1 : VST Live supports VST2, too. Check out the Preferences. In the Plug-Tab you can add your VST Paths. (On Windows there is a small bug. The “Please Restart VST Live” dialog is behind the Preference Window. Just hit “Enter” and restart VST Live to scan new plugs)
… to 2. Good idea! That would be very helpful. I’ll add it to the feature request. Thank you



Oh I should have check that :innocent::sweat_smile::joy:
That’s pretty cool. Sorry for the misinformation :blush:

Unfortunately the VST3s do not show up in the plug-ins view. I set the path in Preferences, got that buggy non-visible pop-up window, confirmed that and restarted VST Live: but the chosen VST3 folder is not visible. BTW: Could you please make the VST Live small windows moveable? It’s a bit annoying to fiddle around with the explorer window where you select the path to the VSTs while the VST Live window blocks the view right in the center and cannot be moved? Thks, Jan

… only VST2 paths can be added. Which VST3 folder do you miss?
… the buggy non-visible pop-up window will be fixed in the next update.

… we fixed that problem with the upcoming update, too.

See you,

“”… only VST2 paths can be added".
That sounds different further up in this thread but anyhow. Will the feature of adding VST3 added in the future? VST2s are not state-of-the-art meanwhile…

Regards, Jan

… which VST3 folder are you missing? All VST3 plugins should be installed to
C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3

Great. That worked out. Thanks very much.