VST synths sounding in project, but not rendering

I have googled the heck out of this, and all I can find from the net and from the Cubase manual is that multitimbral or non-stereo plugins cannot be loaded via an Instrument track - so I reconfigured a few of the tracks via the VST instrument pane and routing the MIDI myself, rendered a different section of the project, and…nothing. Silence. In other areas only the first note of one of the plugins sounded, and the rest silence. So I have it running both ways at the moment, but no sound.

This is a new install of Cubase 5, 64-bit whereas I was using 32bit on my previous WinPC (7 Pro), this one is 7 Home premium. I updated to 5.5.3. Plugins are Korg legacy cell (with the blank GUI problem being ignored for now), Spector, Prologue, and Groove Agent ONE. Everything sounds fine while I am playing the project, but when I went to render a section to listen, there was only one long intro MIDI note on one of the plugins, and the rest silence. Everything else appears to be routed properly, and identically to projects I was doing on the other PC in Cubase 32-bit. Hardware is Mackie Onyx 400F, MIDI is MIDIPORT 8x8/s. Anything else I need to post let me know, and many TIA.

Try mixdown in realtime.

On the nosey! Had never had reason to use it in the past, but that seemed to be it, perhaps a bit much strain on the VSTs. This is a brand new tower so I have 12Gb RAM space left, not sure if that will help, but plan to. Thanks a ton!!

I am having this problem as well. I have a full song that plays fine in real time. When I try to mix it down the resulting WAV file only has one or two tracks playing. I made sure the LR Stereo channels were selected in the mixdown settings.

Someone suggested doing the mixdown in real time on this thread. My concern is that the quality will not be as good. For example, I always assumed the reverbs were giving me a pretty good approximation in realtime but they did more computations during the final mixdown rendering process. Does anyone know if this is true?

Mixing down in real time, that is with the real time box checked in the export option, will be fine. If you are talking about the cubase reverb that has a button to limit power when actually playing the track, then I think it would utilise the full thing with real time checked.