VST System deactivated too many recieving errors

Steinberg CI2 Audio Interface

I’ve been trying to record microphone and my bass guitar onto cubase through my audio interface hook-up but its not recording anything or even receiving a signal. The interface is working to where my monitors (which are also connected to it through its “out” ports) are playing any sound i use but it will simply not record. I tried seeing if it was an issue with the VST connections, tried making new buses both input and output but i figured it wasn’t the issue. When i went onto the Driver Setup to check on the ASIO settings, i realized the input would remained unchecked for “active”. When I i tried to activate it a message saying: "VST System link deactivated because of too many receiving errors.

I’ve tried syncing the clocks, and even messed with the sample settings a bit but nothing worked so i switched them back to default. Can someone help, I really need to be able to record to continue my project.

Hi and welcome,

Please, deactivate the whole VST System Link. This is used for connecting 2 computers with 2 Cubase installed. I’m pretty sure, you don’t need it.

Then, you can use Input ports in the VST Connections > Inputs, and then you will get the sound.