vst system link over ethernet?

I have always found the way of setting up vst system link to be rather too complicated and expensive. from my current understanding it requires TWO audio interfaces which support a digital input and output each. along with the proper cabling and two copies of cubase, one for each machine. it’s rather difficult to set up and I actually bought two interfaces which I had thought supported the feature but still was unable to connect.

my question is, would it be possible if in the future for a vst system link setup to be made easier to get going. perhaps if the audio channels could be connected and sent to each other via gigabit ethernet, such as in vienna ensemble pro?

I have a copy of vienna ensemble pro but the workflow seems rather disjointed. I almost wish that on one machine, there could be a playlist where you could do work with automation in a few seconds, insert vstis and effects, change the way something in notated etc. and do the same exact tasks on another computer but making use of its cpu and ram resources instead.

I have two computers which I have bought and configured for this purpose but have yet to be able to make use of both of them for a project. ve pro doesn’t really do the trick workflow wise imo.

I really wonder if vst system link could be developed a tad more so that we could set it up with just a gigabit ethernet cable between the two machines, and two copies of cubase, one on each machine. but having to find two audio interfaces which support the feature, and getting it configured once they arrive in the mail with no guarantee that it will actually work seems rather annoying to the consumer. particularly when it doesn’t work.

I’ve started to plan for my next computer setup, which probably will include one master and two slaves, and so far the Vienna solutions seem the best. Then I thought about having an ethernet solution directly inside Cubase and avoiding having to deal the extra layer.

It’s already possible but you need to purchase two copies of Cubase so I don’t think anyone does that.