VST System Link: Pros/Cons? Share experiences?

Any VST System Link users out there?

I just tried it and it seems like an AWESOME function, but it seems like the internet is totally oblivious to its existence!

What have you used it for?
What are some pitfalls or risks of using this feature?
Is it stable enough to use it for live mixing? (i.e. use a 2nd computer as an effects rack)
Would you use it to sync several computers for a live show with different DAWs running on rewire? (i.e. syncing 2 computers running Reason with 2 running Ableton live and 2 running Cubase)

Share your experiences please!


I’ve been using VSL for years.
I’m running 2 Cubase machines and one Nuendo, super solid in studio environment.
I always said VSL is the most important feature in Cubendo, I would hate to go back to MTC for sync, with VSL you get samples accurate sync and no headaches.
I highly recommend.


Wow Dani, thats so cool!

Would you mind explaining a bit more in detail what this Cubendo rig of yours is set up to do?

What kind of digital cable do you use?
Is it possible to do it with audio interfaces that are different model and/or brand?

What precautions do you recommend to take when using VSL?

How far appart are these 3 computers? Are they in separate rooms?

I run Nuendo and Cubase on two machines, connected via VSL. When I’m recording I use Cubase as my VSTi machine and Nuendo for audio. Sync between the two machines is perfect. I can have a tempo map with multiple tempo changes and the machines will follow. Transport controls, looping, tempo settings, locators, punch in/out all work seamlessly. It really is a great feature.
When I’m mixing I convert all instrument tracks on Cubase to audio and transfer them over to Nuendo along with the native audio tracks for final mixdown.
I have different converters on each machine (see my sig) and use one ADAT (I/O) link between them. I dedicate one channel of ADAT (I/O) to VSL. The others can be used to transfer audio between machines.
Just one observation: I’ve tried using VSL at 96K but there are issues if you’re doing this via SMUX on ADAT (combining two channels of ADAT for 96K) and using ADAT for synchronisation. I have never been able to get this to work, although it’s been a long time since I tried and my converters were different then. I run everything at 48K native now and I have no problems.

It seems you have powerful computers. I am not still sure why you gain from this as you are mixing down MIDI in cubase to Audio.

I was planning to sell my Nuendo 4! I guess I am going to keep it and maybe use it postproduction stuf; I’d like to try VSL to use it for my external synths where I always have issues with recording playing…