VST System Link question

Hi, I am thinking about computer’s connection in a sense of Steinberg’s VST Sysytem Link / VSL/. I cannot find in the manual and any description issue concerning licences. Do I need 2 licences for 2 computers connection of Cubase and for ex. EW Play for running the system link? T.


Yes, there is no way, how to simultaneously run 2 Cubase with one license only.

I can recommend to using Vienna Ensemble Pro. This is much more cheaper, than using 2 Cubases and 2 sound cards. End result is much more better, more user friendly, etc. VST System Link is too old at this moment, and there is no progress for very long time.

Btw: EastWest Play works with VE Pro well both, in 32-bit and 64-bit mode too.


Hello Martin,

The world is small - I have just finished the Berklee Music Composition for Film and TV / Tadeusz Gauer/.
Thank you Martin for your answer.
It means using Vienna Ensamble Pro I do not need extra licenses - good news.
VE Pro - is it a Cubase type sequencer ? How do they correlate with each other?
Can I use for ex. Play and Kontakt on separate computers?
Where can get more knowledge about it / VEPro manual /?
Does it really work? Does it really make the computer system calculation more efficient?
Too much questions, I know. Sorry Martin… and thank you.

Tadeusz Gauer


I write you PM.

For others, try to check vsl.co.at. There is Trial version. :wink: